Mobile Prothesis

The dental prosthesis is an artifact used to replace the original dentition lost or compromised for functional and / or aesthetic reasons. It also defines the denture part of dentistry that deals with the design and construction of prostheses, subject to the following requirements:

  • functionality
  • resistance
  • harmlessness
  • aesthetics

Mobile Prothesis

By the term "denture" refers to all the prostheses designed for the replacement of full arches or parts of it. furniture are defined as they can be easily removed from the patient during the day. 

Partial Prothesis

The partial prothesis are still using hooks or attacks on the remaining teeth. When the partial denture has a metal support structure is defined skeletal prostheses or skeletonized and if mixed with precision attacks on fixed cemented crowns to adjacent abutment teeth, is said combined prostheses. It can also establish a type implants skeletonized acetal resin or termopressata without metal hooks or simple wire hangers.

Total Prosthesis

The full denture is one of the afisiologici devices, as the chewing loads are fully downloaded to the mucosa and underlying bone, because the remaining teeth or roots are lacking (edentulous). Therefore has the task of fully restoring the chewing functions.

In the performance of this prosthesis must respect the profile of the face (facial profile).

It is best defined as "the total mobile" because it turns out to be a device that the patient can be removed and reinstalled at any time of the day.

It is a device able to replace entire edentulous arches now, it consists of a support structure in the acrylic resin. The teeth are the teeth of the trade is used in ceramics (little used) in acrylic or composite resin).

With products teeth currently we achieve excellent aesthetic results: fundamental is the technician's skills, especially for the front teeth, manages to give the prosthesis a natural look that is well suited to the patient's face and expressions.

If the edentulous saddle was little detected or in any case to increase the retention of the total denture is possible, if the amount of residual bone is sufficient, resorting to implant surgery. In such a case they would be inserted in the edentulous crest of the installations with anchoring function (typically for overdentures technique with a spherical retention, in the lower jaw are inserted from 2 to 4 systems in the area of ​​the canines).