The radiograph is an exam for diagnosis of some dental elements.

It serves to show specifically the anatomy of the individual element (crown, root, gum tissue) when you suspect a medical condition of this element.

It also allows you to highlight adjacent bone tissue and related conditions.

Harnessing the latest technology of image digitization using a laser scanner that reads the sheet and the displays on your computer screen, it provides the patient with the lowest dose and the best final result.

Consente di effettuare radiografie digitali  intraoperatorie di ottima qualità, senza i consueti tempi dei sistemi tradizionali cIt allows for intraoperative digital radiographs of excellent quality, without the customary Rates of traditional systems that, during an endodontic treatment, involve excessive delay, both for the patient and for the operator.

LThe reduced exposure allows you to make intraoperative controls endodozia and implantology (survey, proof of the cone and the end-condensing) using just over half of rays with respect to an X-ray film.