The Dental Panoramic X-ray is a test for diagnosis of two complete dental arches, and maxillo-facial region.

It is made to have a global view of the state of the teeth, mandible and maxilla bone, joints and gum tissues.

It is using a orthopantomograph that allows you to impress a digital sensor positioned symmetrically to the source that rotates around the patient's head. The patient is asked to bite the proper bite and place the relaxed and flat tongue against the upper palate.

During the acquisition are displayed in real time to monitor images and advanced features of the ray source allows for imaging with high diagnostic value and with a lower radiation dose to the patient than the traditional film technique.

This test allows you to see with a single exposure all subject areas of the diagnostic question, providing dentists with a comprehensive view of patient anatomy.

The equipment at our disposal allows you to also capture only a portion of the jaw structures, reducing if necessary, the radiation dose, and when 'need to investigate only a part of the structures themselves.