The surgical treatment is based on a minimally invasive technique: is not cut the gum and there will be no stitches. It will be created through a round scalpel or laser surgical an operculum at the point of implant insertion. In most cases the pain and swelling that occur after surgery will be greatly reduced. Surgical sessions are usually less long and stressful, the healing time piùrapidi and prosthetic faster. In special cases we can even proceed with Guided Implantology techniques that making use of plaster models and virtual models allow us via surgical masks and interim products with CAD-CAM technology to set minimally invasive treatments and very fast.


Switch from a denture to the fixed teeth in one surgical session is possible in many cases.

The patient will be placed a sufficient number of plants and these will be adapted in the day a temporary fixed prostheses including at least 10 teeth.

The final restoration will be built and placed after 3-6 months.

The evaluation of the possibility of positioning the masticatory load immediately, will be taken by the specialist, taking into account some strictly individual variables.

For this we will have to check with appropriate tests (3D CT scan, blood tests), the possibility of immediate loading, although the final decision will be the surgeon at the end of the intervention, because only then will we have the certainty of having the implants placed in a bone sufficient consistency.

In the case where it was not possible to proceed to immediate loading, the patient will take a removable prosthesis for 4-6 months, then you will prepare the provvvisoria fixed and afterwards the final prosthesis.

In special cases we can replace with immediate load up to an element in the front teeth and a minimum of three four elements in the lateral areas.