Orthodontics is a dental specialty that deals with the correction of the position of the teeth and bones, as well as of the problems affecting the occlusion of teeth.

Orthodontic treatments are able to move a tooth located at an incorrect location, in a proper.

In addition, the orthodontic intervenes in the correction of the rotation and inclination of the teeth which, precisely because positioned abnormally, can be interested by the onset of caries and inflammation of the gums, in addition to causing problems temporomandibular articulation mandibolare.E 'a treatment that offers effective solutions at any age thanks to the fact that there are various alternative care.

In our clinic we offer you the opportunity to find the best solution to your dental problems.

The types of orthodontics are three:

  1. Orthodontics Fixed
  2. Mobile Orthodontics
  3. Cosmetic Orthodontics.

Orthodontics Fixed

The fixed orthodontics is one that can not be removed from the paziente.Comunemente is known as brackets, referring precisely to the attacks, normally metal, bonded to the teeth that support the arch that produces the tooth movement. In recent years there have been great developments in the field of orthodontics fixed that led to the emergence of a wide range of orthodontic appliances suited to different functions and different aesthetic needs of each fixed noi.L'ortodonzia is divided into:

  • Colourful Orthodontics. It is designed especially for small children for whom taking the set may cause problems interpersonally. It is orthodontics fixed metal whose attacks can be customized in favorite colors
  • Orthodontics Self-ligating. Per self-ligating orthodontic appliance is a system of direct attacks that lets you keep the arch in brackets. This type of orthodontic determines a reduction of the total time of treatment and facilitates cleaning since the accumulation of food residues is less. If you're concerned about aesthetics, you can count orthodontics self-ligating ceramic brackets with the color of your teeth so that smile no longer poses a problem.
  • Self-ligating orthodontic Ceramic. It is a system of self-ligating brackets, the latest technology and made of ceramic, with rounded edges and soft. With the self-ligating orthodontic eliminates ligatures to the arches facilitating cleaning and preventing you from accumulating food debris. Moreover, thanks to the shape of the brackets, the teeth reach the correct alignment very rapidly and, accordingly, the duration of treatment is significantly reduced. It is an optimal solution in terms of aesthetics and comfort. The brackets are made of translucent ceramic. The time of the treatment is reduced. The shape allows for better hygiene.

Mobile Orthodontics

The mobile orthodontics is still the teeth and can be removed without the help of the dentist. The use of mobile orthodontic appliances is particularly suitable for the correction of dental misalignments or to modify the growth of the teeth. They can be removed to eat and to be cleaned. In many cases the mobile orthodontic apparatuses are used as support to the fixed one, after an orthodontic treatment or fixing brackets.

Cosmetic Orthodontics

Orthodontics aesthetic will be most effective in the treatment, combined with an aesthetic solution that safeguards the self-confidence of the patient, passing virtually inosservata.É an ideal solution for adulti.Si divided into:

  • Orthodontics Fixed Ceramic. It involves the use of a fixed appliance whose brackets are made of ceramic material. Ceramics have the advantage, therefore, to match the tone of the teeth of those who use this type of orthodontic appliance: once placed on the teeth brackets are nearly invisible, providing a unique aesthetic result
  • Mobile Invisible Orthodontics. It is an alternative therapy to conventional orthodontic treatment. Through a transparent system splints you can gradually correct the position of the teeth leading them in a proper, without anyone being aware of it. The Invisible Orthodontics is effective and comfortable solution, able to guarantee maximum aesthetic result
  • Self-ligating orthodontic Ceramic. It is a system of self-ligating brackets, the latest technology and made of ceramic, with rounded edges and soft. It is an optimal solution in terms of aesthetics and comfort.