Teleradiography is made to execute a cephalometric study.

This study evaluates the facial types, the growth characteristics, the relations of the jaws and teeth, the characteristics of the soft tissues and the facial profile.

The cephalometric skull (also called telecranio) is a normal x-ray, the patient, in an upright position, chin and head rests in a suitable support structure.

The projections can be frontal (anterior posterior) or side; using the same equipment we can perform the wrist radiographs are useful to assess the patient's bone age.

The dentist, using this radiography, cephalometric runs the study, namely the measurement of certain angles and parameters essential to plan a draft denture (dental practice that replaces the missing teeth with fixed or movable equipment) and / or the installation orthodontic appliances (appliances that are used to straighten and correct dental abnormalities).

Is undoubtedly useful to determine which type of malocclusion (altered ratio of the teeth, which prevents normal closure of the mouth) has a patient and which therapy taken.