Teleradiography is made to execute a cephalometric study.

This study evaluates the facial types, the growth characteristics, the relations of the jaws and teeth, the characteristics of the soft tissues and the facial profile.

The cephalometric skull (also called telecranio) is a normal x-ray, the patient, in an upright position, chin and head rests in a suitable support structure.

The projections can be frontal (anterior posterior) or side; using the same equipment we can perform the wrist radiographs are useful to assess the patient's bone age.

The dentist, using this radiography, cephalometric runs the study, namely the measurement of certain angles and parameters essential to plan a draft denture (dental practice that replaces the missing teeth with fixed or movable equipment) and / or the installation orthodontic appliances (appliances that are used to straighten and correct dental abnormalities).

Is undoubtedly useful to determine which type of malocclusion (altered ratio of the teeth, which prevents normal closure of the mouth) has a patient and which therapy taken.


The radiograph is an exam for diagnosis of some dental elements.

It serves to show specifically the anatomy of the individual element (crown, root, gum tissue) when you suspect a medical condition of this element.

It also allows you to highlight adjacent bone tissue and related conditions.

Harnessing the latest technology of image digitization using a laser scanner that reads the sheet and the displays on your computer screen, it provides the patient with the lowest dose and the best final result.

Consente di effettuare radiografie digitali  intraoperatorie di ottima qualità, senza i consueti tempi dei sistemi tradizionali cIt allows for intraoperative digital radiographs of excellent quality, without the customary Rates of traditional systems that, during an endodontic treatment, involve excessive delay, both for the patient and for the operator.

LThe reduced exposure allows you to make intraoperative controls endodozia and implantology (survey, proof of the cone and the end-condensing) using just over half of rays with respect to an X-ray film.


The Dental Panoramic X-ray is a test for diagnosis of two complete dental arches, and maxillo-facial region.

It is made to have a global view of the state of the teeth, mandible and maxilla bone, joints and gum tissues.

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TAC Cone Beam

LThe volumetric CT "Cone Beam" is a particular Computed Tomographic equipment able to acquire all the volume to be investigated in a single rotation of the complex X-ray source-detector, thanks to a large two-dimensional detector to development.

The volumetric CT technique "Cone Beam", thanks to the higher resolution capability of the detectors used and the high intrinsic contrast of the bony structures, allows you to get good quality images with patient doses lower than those given routinely, with conventional parameters, from traditional TC equipment (equal to the radiated volume from 5 to 20 times lower).

This equipment allows:

  • research in implantology and bone mineralization of the measures with the ratio 1: 1;
  • research of points of contact between the mandibular nerve and the third molars including;
  • research of the relationship between teeth included with anomalies of form, number and position, also with three-dimensional view;
  • looking for expansive pathologies, both rarefacenti both thickeners;
  • looking for position, morphology and dynamics of the temper-mandibular joints;
  • preliminary studies to stereolithography in DICOM format;
  • study positioning systems ANATOMAGE system.

OBesides the advantage of obtaining good images with patient doses lower than those administered with conventional CT, the CT volumetric "cone beam" also has the advantage of being much more comfortable for patients who must undergo a CT scan. It has a reduced exposure time to a few seconds and the patient is in a sitting position, and not inside a supine X-ray tube, thereby nullifying episodes of claustrophobia.

CT volumetric "Cone Beam" must be undertaken in full compliance with the requirements of justification and must be handled only by qualified personnel. In our center there is a Sanitary Technician of Medical Radiology and we are affiliated with a Radiologist for any reporting of examinations.